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Galvanized Gutters
Gutters are an important part of protecting your home and property. Not only will an effective drainage system remove water from your home, it will also help protect the actual foundation and prevent water from seeping down the sides and causing indoor mould, basement flooding and cracked windows. Homes in Toronto and the GTA are exposed to exceptional weather conditions that can truly wreck havoc on your outdoor plumbing system. Due to the high amounts of salt in the rain and snow, gutters that are not properly galvanized can quickly corrode and rust. In order to ensure longevity from your gutters, conductor heads and downspouts, call Copper Works Canada to have these components effectively galvanized.
Why Galvanize?
The galvanizing process involves applying a thin layer of zinc over the material in question. This layer will prevent rust and corrosion and keep your gutters strong, as well as increase their longevity. Copper Works Canada is not only able to galvanize your existing gutters, they can help upgrade your complete outdoor drainage system with the most effective and durable material available – copper. While galvanizing steel and aluminum will help sustain and increase longevity, these materials are still unable to compare with the strength and low-maintenance aspects of copper. Steel and aluminum cannot hold the same weight as copper, nor can they withstand the intense weather conditions that copper is able to. Copper has a life span of up to 100 years and due to its natural elements of algaecide and fungicide, it will breakdown leaves and moss that can cause serious blocking issues.
Conductor Heads and Downspouts
Copper Works Canada is able to implement a complete outdoor draining system that gives off a look that is elegant and tied together. Our professionals will install conductor heads and downspouts that will completely match your galvanized gutters and are equally as weather resistant and attractive. We are also able to make unique designs that complement the exterior of your home as well as augment your own unique style. Copper is a material that cannot be matched in strength and style. Customized gutters can enhance the look of your home and due to their durability and long life span, will actually increase the overall value of your property. Copper begins with a bronze-like shine that eventually matures into a rich, blue-green patina.  In addition, homeowners can rest assured that they are doing their part for the environment as copper is a recyclable material.
While Canadians often live in inclimate weather conditions, there is no reason our homes and our wallets should suffer. By having your gutters galvanized, you can protect your home investment as well as increase the curbside appeal of your property. Call the professionals at Copper Works Canada at 905-831-6434 today.

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